Teen Issues

School, Home, Peer Group

Bullying, eating disorders, depression, self-esteem, these and many more issues are things that teens find themselves dealing with as they grow towards adulthood. Sometimes the way they learn cope with this issues as a teenager is a direct result of how they deal with these things as an adult. The impact, while perhaps not terribly noticeable in a teen, can be extremely debilitating as an adult. Counselling can assist teens in dealing with these issues in a productive and positive manner now, and give them tools to work through these and other issues as an adult.

Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll

Unwanted teen pregnancy, drugs, and communication with parents and other adults are all issues which can negatively impact the life of a teen. Having an independent adult person, who understands and who is able to communicate well with the teen is an important piece. Validating the teens feelings, working through the issues as well as giving them tools to work with in navigating this difficult time in life is the work of a good counsellor. With the proper counselling, teens can overcome the issues and come out as happy, well adjusted individuals, feeling good about themselves and the decisions they have made in life.