Family Issues

Living with Illness & Disability

Having a family member with a serious illness or disability can have a huge impact on all of the family members, whether or not they are living together. The illness or disability of a family member will have a different effect on each family member and they will react differently and have different issues because of it. Counselling either individually or as a family group can help family members come to work through those issues and come to grips with the realities of living with the Illness or disability of their family member.

Parent/Teen Conflict

In the life of any parent, a little rain must fall. It falls in the life of children too. This usually happens when puberty hits….the storm clouds gather and the war is on. And surprise, kids don’t come with an instructional manual, each one is an individual and each case different. Counselling can help parents and teens navigate this difficult transitional period between childhood and adulthood, and come to a better understanding of and better communication with each other.

Conflict Resolution in the Home

Counselling can help family members to resolve conflicts that arise in the home and teach the family members how to work constructively together to resolve issues before a conflict arises.

Melded Family Issues

In this day and age many families are melded, either due to the death of a spouse or divorce. There is a whole set of issues that arise when two families amalgamate through remarriage or the beginning of a new long term relationship of the parents. These issues can cause a huge conflict in the home not only for the parents involved but for the step- siblings. This is true whether or not the children of the partners are still living at home or not. Counselling can assist the new partners and their children in resolving these conflicts in a healthy and productive manner.