Couple Counselling

Marriage & Relationship

Marital Issues

Many people invest a lot of years in their marriages, only to get the feeling that they have grown apart. Financial issues, loss of a child, one partners control issues, infidelity, or simply taking a partner for granted all can negatively impact a long term committed relationship. Counsellors can help the couple work through these issues to bring the marriage back to a healthy and satisfying place, or can assist the couple in a thoughtful and productive separation, rather than the expensive and litigious alternative. In either case supporting them in their decisions, not those of the counsellor.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence covers much more than the physical, it covers the emotional and psychological violence that is perpetrated on not only women but men. The loss of self-esteem, the loss of self that is inherent in spousal abuse is much more difficult and long lasting than any physical abuse could be. Through counselling, we can help our clients understand that the issues that brought about the abuse were those of the abuser and not the person abused, and help the client to come to an understanding of the cycle of abuse and how to stop the cycle. Through counselling the abused person can regain their self-esteem and become strong in the understanding that they can take control of their own life and that of their children.

Sexual Issues

Often couples will seem to grow apart sexually because one or the other partner has lost interest in the sexual side of the marriage. Other time one partner or the other is unable to perform as he/or she once was able to. Counselling can assist the couple clients in their own particular case.

Same-Sex Couples

In this day and age, the realities inherent in different life styles bring with them a whole new range of emotional problems. Counselling can assist these couples in dealing with problems which are unique to them as partners. Helping some couples to normalize what others perceive as unorthodox life styles can be helped through compassionate and professional counselling. And aside from the issues specific to them, same sex couples encounter the whole range of issues inherent in counselling heterosexual couples.